Pest Control Insurance

NSERA, thru it’s underwriters at Philadephia, has one of the foremost and most comprehensive Pest Control insurance and Exterminators insurance plans available anywhere. With an A.M. Best rating of A+ you know they’ll be there when they’re needed. In addtion, you’ll have access to a thorough loss control program that will help save you money as well as maintaining client goodwill.

Our package policy, including auto, may be written on one policy. This simplifies your life by having just one carrier to deal with, plus having all your coverage under one policy,  it helps make sure nothing has fallen thru the cracks and you’re missing a critical piece of your coverage or that you have overlapping coverage by using different carriers. Our pest control insurance plans offer a great value for your business.

Pest control and extermination companies are expected to show good growth over the next few years. Be sure you’re ready by having the correct insurance programs in place. If you’re planning on starting a program, give us a call early, we may be able to help guide you in the right direction. Call us at 888-673-7228.

Pest Control Services Application

10 Reasons to Insure Your Pest Control Business with NSERA:

        Package Policy – All coverage including auto may be written on one policy
Comprehensive General Liability – Limits to $1,000,000 per occurrence/$3,000,000
Premises Liability
Personal Injury Liability
Exterminators Liability – Care, Custody and Control Coverage
Pollution Liability for transportation of pesticides
Fumigating Liability
Pollution Liability for Pesticide Application
Pest Inspection Damage Liability (no reporting limitation)
Lost Key Coverage Endorsement


We have provided many of our most common insurance applications that you may need below. Many are provided using Adobe Acrobat  in order to facilitate your downloading. Notice that on many of these, you may be able to fill out the majority of the application, if not all, on your computer. Please open or download the PDF and FIRST, SAVE to YOUR COMPUTER,  and then re-open. Once you fill out what you can online,  you have the choice to print, save to your computer and then send it or to just email it straight to us. We would recommend that you save a copy to your computer and then email it to us as an attachment. Wherever possible, you should attempt to do this in order to make more legible. Often, if being handwritten and faxed, it can sometimes necessitate a phone call to determine the correct information.

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NSERA Airsoft-Paintball Application

NSERA Airsoft-Paintball RENEWAL Application (this is for current client renewals only)

NSERA Camping Supplement

Child Care Center Application

Cyber Security Liability Application

NSERA Climbing Wall Application

Health and Fitness Club

NSERA FEC Application

NSERA Fun Park Application

NSERA Laser Tag Application

NSERA Minature Golf and Driving Range Application

NSERA Off-Premise Event Application

NSERA Restaurant Application

NSERA Retail Property Application

NSERA Sports Program Application

Pest Control Services Application

Phly Academic Program Supplemental Application

Phly Boat Dealer Supplemental Application

Phly Golf and Country Club Application

Phly Golf Liquor Liability Supplemental Application

 Phly Golf Premises Environmental Application

Phly Golf Ranges and Minature Golf Application

Phly Gymnastics Application

Phly Health and Fitness Application

Phly Home Medical Equipment Supplemental Application

Phly Martial Arts Application

Phly Religious Organizations Supplemental Application

Phly Special Events Sports Supplemental Application

Phly Water Slide Supplemental Application