Starting A Paintball Business

Paintball has reached in the last few years the status of being one of the most popular outdoor game that can be played by people, regardless of age. Most people play it as a recreation activity, to release the work stress gathered over the week. Starting your own paintball business is a great idea as there is a solid potential market in most parts of the world.

Starting the business is not that hard as you might have thought. You will need a large portion of open land where you will conduct all the activities with your paintball business. You will need some money to invest into the much needed paintball gear, supplies and the equipment because many of the clients that will come to you will not have the personal gear which is why you need to own in order to rent them to your clients. The most important parts of the equipment are the paintball guns, the masks and of course, the paintballs. The cost for a standard paintball gear is around $150. Don’t scrimp on the masks.

A rough estimate regarding how much money you will need is around $10,000 – this sum may vary depending on the cost of the land, the equipment bought and so on. This sum will cover the land lease, advertisement and the paintball equipment. If you have a land somewhere out of the city then you will save a lot of money which you can invest into the equipment.

The money you will begin to earn will come from the clients’ fees which range between $20-$50per person – this money will cover transportation, food and the game itself. As we already mentioned, you can earn more money by renting paintball equipment. A nice profit can be made by selling themed t-shirts, hats and similar items to paintball players who want to go home with something besides the memory of the fun they had.

You can take advantage of these t-shirts, hats and so on by advertising on them in order to attract more clients as more clients means more profit, regardless of business. A regular paintball business operator earns between $20,000 and $30,000  per year but you can recover your money faster by marketing and advertising your business in clubs, schools, communities and business organizations as many companies organize “team building” activities and paintball is just the right thing for this occasion.

Of course, starting a paintball business requires legal procedures so you will need to obtain an operating license from the community’s City Hall before actually opening your business. The paintball business may require extra licenses and permits for firearms – it depends on the local laws applicable to the area on which you will be conducting the business.

A valuable tip: hire employees who can have flexible schedules and basic paintball information. It is very important for the employee to have willingness and patience to train groups of various ages so choose your employees wisely. The reservation rates should be diversified in order to reflect peak and peak-off periods as well as differences in playing venues. Another advice is to limit the venue hours to nights and weekends in order to reduce overhead costs.

As a conclusion, with a very well though plan, patience and some money, a paintball business can prove to be a very wise investment as the sport is becoming more and more popular across the globe.

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